Thursday, June 29, 2006


To get ahead, use your handshake, experts say

Want to succeed in business? Get a grip.That is, practice your handshake.It may sound silly, but experts and studies agree that a handshake may say more about a person than he or she realizes — and could stand in the way of a key sale or a desired job.

A person’s handshake “is a silent message that screams volumes about who you think you are,” said Pamela Holland, a workplace expert, author, and chief operating officer of Brody Communications Ltd., of Jenkintown, Pa.

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The key to a good handshake, Ms. Holland said, is going in web to web, locking thumb joint to thumb joint.

You need about two to three pumps, but don’t be a hanger-on and don’t go in so quickly and then out that makes you seem like a germophobe,” she said. It’s important not to have an overly hard grip or a too soft one, she added.

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